About Clayton

Man or myth?  Or imbecile?  Clayton Counts spends most of his time working. In the winter months he sits and stares wistfully out his storefront window, twiddling his thumbs, waiting for progress bars to vanish, playing guitar, staring at his feet and mumbling. Still, he’s damned sure he enjoys his life. He laughs way too often. He screams with laughter. Just last week he screamed at a JPEG. But screaming isn’t his thing, really. Most of the time he just laughs. When he’s not laughing, he’s thinking about it. Waiting for the right moment, and then BLAM! Another laugh. Often it ramps up, starting out as a snicker and building into a deep, healthy chuckle. Sometimes a deafening roar, or else a billowing guffaw. Go ahead and send him an email. See what happens. He’s onto you. You’re in his thoughts and prayers. Giant insects are taking over the Universe.